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Welcome to CryptoGulch.  At CryptoGulch you own the equipment, we host for you.

We are a hardware provider for cryptocurrency miners. We are also a co-location facility where you can host your mining rigs.  Most of our customers purchase equipment direct from us but we can also host your personal mining rigs.

Why Mining?2018-05-04T16:23:11+00:00

Mining for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zcash and cryptocurrency is fun!

It’s a little bit like dollar cost averaging when you invest in stocks. Your equipment creates currency every day.  Once your equipment is paid off it is generating residual income for you every day, week, month, and year.

Unlike investing, you own equipment. If you invest in cryptocurrency and trade it on an exchange you risk losing your entire investment. If you own the equipment that equipment should have some resale value for you. It is also an asset that can possibly be written off as a tax deduction (talk to your accountant.)

Mining also helps support the network. Cryptocurrency couldn’t survive without a network to support and process all the transactions.

If you’ve heard of “decentralization”, spreading the work across more miners is good for decentralization. This helps prevent one large group(s) from gaining control of the network and the cryptocurrency.

How does it work?2018-07-31T09:18:44+00:00

If you’re a new customer you start by purchasing a starter kit.  Then you purchase a GPU or GPUs from us. (GPU = Graphics processing unit)

You only need to purchase a starter kit once. After that, the price of the GPU includes a little extra fee for us to purchase the rest of the components necessary to build your rig.  You don’t have to worry about that. You just add GPUs to your account. We’ll figure out the rest of the parts needed on your behalf.

We try to fulfill orders from inventory we have on hand. If so your miner will be activated within 24 hours of you placing your order and giving us your wallet address. However, sometimes we have to purchase new equipment. As soon as the inventory arrives, we’ll set up the mining rig for you.

If you have a wallet address already, we can mine to your address. If you do not have a wallet we can also assist you with setting up a wallet address. A wallet is like a “bank account” for crypto.

We offer an interface to check your statistics and make updates to your account. You can also follow the process of coins being mined and deposited into your wallet.  Depending on the hash rate of all the GPUs you purchased combined, funds will be deposited into your wallet on a regular basis. The more GPUs you own the faster your hash rate and the more coins you mine faster.

Hosting fees are a monthly fee we charge for running your equipment for you.  You can see our GPU co-location hosting fees and our ASIC co-location hosting fees.

You can also purchase your own equipment and send it to us to host for you. The same co-location fees will apply as well as a small setup fee.  For more information on having us host your equipment please contact us.

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