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Monthly Co-location Hosting Fee per ASIC miner

This is the co-location hosting fee structure for ASIC miners.  This is the monthly fee that is paid for our hosting your equipment for you. This is the fee regardless of whether or not you purchase hardware from us, or purchase it yourself and send it to us to host for you.

The price is per ASIC miner. This price is multiplied by the number of miners we host for you. You can mix and match with other ASIC miners or even GPU rigs.

For any questions please reach out to us at:

Discounts apply for paying for 3, 6, and 12 months in advance. 

Attention: As of August 2018, we will no longer be supporting a “time” based hosting fee. We’re switching to a set fee based on the power consumption of your hardware. Your equipment will mine for you all the time and you will receive 100% of the mining rewards.

Platinum Level ASIC

  • Bitmain T9
  • Innosilicon T2 A5/A6
  • Halong T1/T2 B52

Gold Level ASIC

  • Bitmain S7/S9 A3
  • Innosilicon S11
  • Avalon 6/8 series

Silver Level ASIC

  • Bitmain R4 E3 L3 D3 V9
  • Innosilicon D9 A9
  • Halong B29

Bronze Level ASIC

  • Bitmain X3 Z9 mini
  • Innosilicon A8