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Is Ravencoin a Good Coin to Mine? Speculation on Coins to Mine

I recently did an episode of the Expert Council for the Survival Podcast where I was asked: Since ASICs are taking over the more popular and mainstream coins, I have been looking for options to point my GPU rig towards for speculative/hold positions. One coin that seems to be getting some hype recently is Ravencoin. [...]

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Lifecycle of Cryptocurrency Mining from GPU to ASIC

The lifecycle of cryptocurrency mining from GPU to ASICs. This is a must watch for anyone who thinks that mining with their GPUs has become less rewarding and is concerned about the future of GPU mining. What is the new technology? (ASIC miners) Will my GPUs still be effective at mining?  A comparison to major [...]

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New products from CryptoGulch

In this YouTube video we discuss new product offerings coming to CryptoGulch!  We're switching to a method that allows you to pick from a variety of GPUs of different levels. We also talk about beginning our search for investors to help us expand our infrastructure so we can expand faster to meet our customer needs. [...]

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Updates from CryptoGulch

Today we have a few updates from CryptoGulch. I recently did a video discussing the new ASIC miners coming out and why I think GPUs still have an important place in mining. (Several coins are going to try to prevent ASICs and focus on being GPU mineable.) Watch the video on YouTube at: https://youtu.be/LwspxFNC2Wg [...]

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Status update on the Small Mining Space

Hello CryptoGulch fans. Today we want to provide you with a status update on the small mining space. This space allows us to expand our capacity while we wait on upgrades from the electric company at our main space. You'll notice we're using a different design intended to better facilitate airflow. We're also using 240v [...]

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The Smaller CryptoGulch Space Has GIANT Vents

We are currently building out the smaller space while we wait on our electrical upgrades at the main space. This will allow us to turn up another 30-50 rigs. We have an engineering meeting tomorrow morning with the utility company for the main warehouse. In the meantime enjoy this photo of the massive ventilation we’re [...]

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Good News for New Customers & Upgrades for Existing Customers

For customers on back order we're sending out a separate update on your order status. Check your email for this update.Good news: We've continued to expand our mining rig hosting facilities and are open for new rig sales! https://cryptogulch.com/shopWhether you acquire your mining equipment through us or through other channels, the market for parts has [...]

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