Bitcoin Private Mainnet has launched! Claim your coins now.

Hey CryptoGulch fans! The Bitcoin Private fork is finished. They've actually launched the coin. That means you can claim your coins. It is suggested that you first zend your ZCL / BTC to a new wallet, because you'll use your old wallet's private keys to retrieve your BTCP. This is a safety precaution you should [...]

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Testing the CryptoGulch exhaust fan

We did a video last week to show you how powerful how our exhaust fan. In our testing we've found it is more important to suck the hot air away from the mining rigs than it is to blow cool air onto them.  The equipment can run fine at high temperatures, but the real issue [...]

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ZClassic & Zencash added to CryptoGulch and the Fork of Bitcoin Private

In today's video update we cover a variety of important topics: Warehouse downtime for electrical upgrades on Wednesday January 10, 2018. Adding Zencash and ZClassic as coins to mine for existing CryptoGulch customers. A discussion on the ZClassic fork with Bitcoin to become Bitcoin private and what this could mean to someone that invests in [...]

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CryptoGulch’s next 20 customers are here!

We just released the lottery winners of our next 20 customers positions with CryptoGulch Congratulations to: Amanda W. Robert L. Matthew M. Andy F. JAMES L. Mike C. Christopher J. Grant W. Clifford C. Mike C. Casey A. Justin H. Andrew C. Tyler D. Steve G. Frank W. Ryan A. Brian H. Bryan H. [...]

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December 29th Video Update from CryptoGulch

Thanks for being a part of the CryptoGulch community. Today we put out a long video update covering several topics: 1. Status of the warehouse construction 2. Taking on upgrades from existing customers 3. Taking on a limited number of new customers 4. We also answer one of the most common questions we receive which [...]

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Warehouse Update & Status on New Customers

Latest Update from CryptoGulch on the status of the warehouse and taking on new customers - December 18, 2017 Watch the video below or to summarize: We have started moving into the warehouse Our contractor is going to begin working building out our "wind tunnels" for our rigs. This will help suck the hot air [...]

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The Investor Backed Out Update

Stick around for a couple of days int he world of startups and you'll see everything will change! We had an investor willing to lend us money to get started with our new warehouse. Things were progressing along really well. We had attorneys drafting up a promissory note. Then today, the investor backed out. Today [...]

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Do you want to become a customer of CryptoGulch?

Do you want to become a customer of CryptoGulch? Use the form below to register for our CryptoGulch announcements email list. You do NOT need to register if you are already on the first list of 249 people who are signed up for the waiting list. Being on this list doesn't guarantee you a spot. [...]

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Trezor support for the Bitcoin Segwit2x fork

An update from Trezor on the upcoming Bitcoin Segwit2x hard fork. SegWit2X is a proposed fork of Bitcoin, to upgrade the blocksize to 2MB according to the New York Agreement. The fork is scheduled to occur at block height 494784 (around November 16). As this is a contentious hard fork, Bitcoin will most likely split in [...]

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