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Earnings Calculator

We cannot offer financial advice.  It is up to you to determine which coin to mine.

The best thing you can do is look at Whattomine.com.

WhatToMine can provide estimates of your earnings depending on how much hardware you have.  These are only estimated earnings and are never 100% accurate. They fluctuate as the price of coins fluctuate and as the difficulty in mining those coins fluctuates. There is also a randomness and “luck” factor to mining.  Sometimes a miner or pool can be unlucky and sometimes they can be lucky and mine more or less than expected.

Over time difficulty of mining will always increase which will impact the number of coins you can mine during a specific time window.  Other factors such as forks, difficulty bombs, and block rewards decreasing will affect the amount you can mine as well.

View the earnings estimate at what to mine for 1070 GPUs.

View the earnings estimate for a 8 GPU AMD rig.

Watch the video below for more information on how to read the information on WhatToMine.