Why not both mine and invest!?

Investing is risky especially since the price of a coin can vary wildly.  Coins are traded 24/7 and even on Holidays. There is no downtime. You can go to sleep and wake up and find some “bad news” caused your portfolio to lose 10-20% or more.  It is possible to lose some or all of your investment.  It is entirely possible the coin you are invested in crashes and goes to nothing. This is probably less likely to happen with a major coin like Bitcoin but it has definitely happened to some of the smaller coins I’ve owned.

With ownership, you invest in hardware, not a coin. That hardware will mine crypto coin for you 24/7.  The maintenance of the hardware is automatically deducted as a part of your hosting fee. No bills for you to pay and 100% uptime guaranteed (downtime comes out of our hosting fee.)  The crypto is directly deposited to your wallet address. There is NO pass-through of currency and you can see your specific hardware stats at any time.

With ownership, you also can write off the equipment for taxes or resell it. With a lease, if the vendor goes out of business you lose everything. (This happened to us in 2014.)  If this happened with us, you’d still own the equipment and we’d make arrangements to ship the equipment to you or assist you in reselling it. Whichever you prefer. (A small fee would apply.)

In 2018 we’ve also seen issues where a coin is in high demand but may only be traded on a few exchanges. Those exchanges are closed to new customers due to their lack of ability to keep up with onboarding of new users. (Bittrex for example.)  You couldn’t go onto an exchange to buy the coin unless you had previously created an account on Bittrex. The only way to get it was to mine it.