Good News for New Customers & Upgrades for Existing Customers

For customers on back order we’re sending out a separate update on your order status. Check your email for this update.

Good news: We’ve continued to expand our mining rig hosting facilities and are open for new rig sales!

Whether you acquire your mining equipment through us or through other channels, the market for parts has gotten better. Availability of GPUs and prices are getting better! We can buy in bulk again!

We successfully transitioned our hosting site over to Time Warner Spectrum business class internet. This means more speed and reliability!

Bad news: Expansion of our facilities means more hosted rigs and we have hit our current limit on electrical power… So, we ordered a MAJOR upgrade from the electric company. That’s going to take a while to get installed…

Good news! We rented a second building which has a good deal of existing power so we can power up more rigs faster! We must do a bit of build out to put in the ventilation, run network cables, and electric outlets. We expect to be running new rigs in this space within 3-4 weeks. By the end of May we expect to have maxed it’s power out 😉

Then in June (with luck) we’ll get the full upgrade from the power company on the main warehouse. Realistically that probably won’t happen until July. But we should be able to go full speed ahead and add hundreds of rigs.

We’d like to open up CryptoGulch for orders again. New customers can order and existing customers can upgrade. Please keep in mind that these are pre-sales for install in 60-90 days. We’ll order the parts and start building rigs now. We’ll use some of the money to build out our infrastructure for the electric company upgrade. That way as soon as we have the extra power capacity we’ll turn on hundreds of rigs at once!

One final point that we often forget to make. CryptoGulch will host mining equipment that our customers acquire from sources other than us. This will require confirming that the equipment configures to our physical space, that it is compatible with our hardware and software systems and is free of any malware. There is a charge for our efforts to confirm all this and test rigs acquired elsewhere, but especially in times of low supply this is a way to have more of us scouring the market for this equipment. Contact me if you wish to go take advantage of our hosting services with your separately sourced equipment.

Fun News! (Especially for me!)
I got married and my new wife rescued a cat. We’re going to put her in the warehouse because we have plenty of cats at home! I had already considered rescuing one for the warehouse. The warehouse now has a Patrol Kitty. We’d like your help naming her. You can help name her at: The winner gets a $50 credit for fashionable CryptoGulch apparel. But why take a chance? Head over to to pick out your hoodie, sweatshirt or t-shirt today!

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