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You determine how much money you’d like to invest in your mining operation. This is a one time fee.  For example:

You purchase the equipment up front.  You own the equipment. You can have us ship it to you at any time.

After the initial purchase we setup the equipment mine for you, to your wallet. You can sit back and let us do the work.

A Starter Kit for $2000 will get you started mining. It includes everything you need:

  • 6 GPU Mining rig motherboard.
  • Intel or AMD CPU
  • Power Supply(s)
  • RAM
  • USB Stick or SSD
  • Operating System
  • Mining Software
  • Mining Rig Frame
  • 2 PCIe risers
  • Your first 2 GPUS

You can also purchase additional GPUs for $650.

Even though your first rig only has room for 6 GPUs the hardware costs on the second rigs are subsidized by us. We have some fixed costs in setting up your account that we don’t have in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th rigs.

We professionally install the hardware and software. We setup your rig to mine directly to your wallet on your behalf.

In addition to the one time fee for purchasing the equipment we take a small hosting fee.  This hosting fee covers our costs for hosting and managing the equipment for you. Some of these costs include:

  • Electricity. The single greatest cost in mining. Residential electric can be expensive. If you’re mining from your home it is not uncommon to spend 25-35% of your total monthly earnings just paying your electricity.
  • Heating/Cooling
  • Internet
  • Insurance
  • Maintenance
  • Building rent
  • Customer Service

We’ve created a fee structure for the hosting we think is more than generous.

  • 30% fee. Meaning we mine for you to your wallet 70% of the time.  30% of the time we mine to our wallet to cover the hosting fee.
  • 27.5% fee for one or more full 6 GPU rigs.
  • 25% fee for 4 or more full 6 GPU rigs.

Please NOTE: We’re moving to a new pricing framework for hosting fees in August 2018.

Our software allows you to choose from several different coins to mine. The choice is ultimately up to you. We started with the three primary coin options: Bitcoin, Ethereum, and ZCash. We plan to add more coins in the future.

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