Name the Warehouse Cat

Coming soon to the CryptoGulch warehouse… Warehouse cat. This is a stray cat the wife adopted. We have plenty of cats at the house already! No need for more cats!

However, I have think having a cat at the warehouse would be great for pest control!

She is a female who belonged to a family that moved out of their apartments and left their cat behind. 🙁

What would you name her?  On our Facebook we had quite a few good suggestions and a few jokes.

Which is your favorite, or suggest a new name!

  • Creed / Apollo Creed
  • Midnight
  • Hash
  • BlockChain
  • Lambo
  • Tris / Beatrice
  • Morpheus / M (as in James Bond “M”)
  • Neo (another matrix reference but there is also a Neo crypto project.)
  • Cat
  • Ware-cat
  • Mousebane
  • Kat-bot
  • CryptoKittie
  • BlackCatsMatter
  • Mrs. Moon
  • Oreo

Help us name the cat and get a $50 credit towards some of our awesome CryptoGulch apparel like Hoodies, and sweathshirts, and t-shirts.

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  1. dvtully May 17, 2018 at 3:47 pm - Reply

    Miss Miner

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