1 GPU – Add On – Requires Starter


Add-On an additional GPU to your existing rig.

This is currently a PRE-Order. Due to our need to upgrade the power to the warehouse we expect these orders to be filled in 60-90 days. If we can fulfill them sooner we will.

This is an add-on product. It may only be purchased by people who are purchasing a 2 GPU starter rig or have already purchased a 2 GPU starter rig. If you are a returning customer, please login to your account in order to add this item to your cart.

  • 28-31 MH Ethereum
  • 420-450 Sols ZCash

There is no limit to the number of GPUs you can add on.  This means your 2nd, 3rd, and so on rigs are MUCH cheaper than your first rig 🙂  No starter rig required!

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