GOLD Level GPU – Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 TI


The GOLD Level GPUs are the current top of the line GPUs from the manufacturer.

The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 TI is the top of the line from Nvidia. The GTX 1080 TI is good at mining several cryptocurrency algorithms including:

Gold Level GPUs have a monthly hosting fee of $25 per month which includes electricity, internet, security, maintenance, and insurance.


The price is higher than retail. This price represents the cost for the GPU as well as the associated equipment required to set up the rig: motherboard, power supplies, CPU, RAM, operating system, mining software, mining rig frame or case, USB Stick or SSD and networking, and our setup costs.  It is easier to just pay one price, and we’ll include everything needed to set up the rig.

You can also purchase the GPUs on your own and send them to us to co-locate. You will pay a small setup fee and a monthly hosting fee which covers electricity, internet, security, and insurance for your equipment.

If this is your first purchase from CryptoGulch you’ll also need to purchase a starter kit. Once you have purchased a starter kit you can simply add on GPUs to your account.

If you only want to co-locate your own equipment you’ll only need to purchase a monthly subscription in the co-location section of our store.

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