2 GPU Starter Package


This item represents a 2 GPU Mining Rig, that has a capacity for up to 6 GPUs*. A large portion of this initial cost is with the setup of the base rig.

  • 6 GPU Mining rig motherboard*
  • Intel or AMD CPU
  • Power Supply(s)
  • RAM
  • USB Stick or SSD
  • Operating System
  • Mining Software
  • Mining Rig Frame
  • 2 PCIe risers
  • Your first 2 Silver Level GPUS 

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This is the starter package required for all CryptoGulch customers.

Includes everything you need to start mining. The entire “base computer” that the mining GPUs plugs into. They support up to 6 GPUs with this configuration.*

This is currently a PRE-Order. We currently have a back log of orders we are working through.

This package also includes 2 Nvidia GTX 1070 GPUs to get you started. You can add an unlimited number of GPUs using the “add on” option. You do not need to purchase additional starter kits. The cost for the future starter kits comes from our pockets. You get the starter kit for your 2nd,3rd,4th kit included in the cost of adding on additional GPUs!

You own everything. If you decided you wanted to we could package it all up and ship it to you. When you receive the package you’d simply need to plug everything in and it would start working.

How it works

  • We order the equipment to be shipped to our facility.
  • When we receive the equipment we build your rig for you.
  • We configure the software and set it up to start mining for you.
  • Every day the software mines a short time for us which pays for our hosting fee. The majority of the day the software mines for you and pays directly to your wallet.
  • You can request us to ship your equipment to you at any time. (For a small shipping and handling fee.)
  • You can also offer your equipment for resale to other customers.

Product in photos may not be the same products in your rig.  Depending on availability we may substitute with similar brands or models.

*We reserve the right to use an 8 GPU configuration if we can do it more optimally, based on parts availability and pricing.