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We offer the following refund policies for purchases from CryptoGulch. To request a refund, please login to our support desk and create a ticket.

For Apparel:

You have 30 days from purchase for a full refund.

For hardware wallets:

You have 30 days from purchase for a full refund of unopened merchandise. If the foil seal is broken we cannot refund you as we have no way to confirm the wallet hasn’t been tampered with. A “secure” wallet becomes insecure once the packaging has been opened.

For mining rigs and hardware that are delivered to you:

You have 30 days from purchase for a full refund of unopened merchandise.

For opened merchandise you have 30 days full refund or replacement for defective merchandise. After the initial 30 days you will need to contact the manufacturer for warranty replacement.

For mining rigs that are co-located in our facility:

For pre-orders you have until the time of delivery to request a full refund.  Once the mining rig(s) begin mining to your wallet we consider that to be “delivery” of your product. We offer 30 days from that initial “delivery” for a full refund if we can find another customer to purchase your “newly used hardware”.

After 30 days your hardware officially becomes used.  We’re working to create a “used hardware” marketplace where you can offer your hardware for sale to other customers.  This marketplace is not ready yet. If you’d like to try to sell your used hardware to our other customers contact us directly by creating a support ticket.  We can try to put you in touch with other customers that might be willing to purchase your hardware.

If we cannot find another customer to purchase your hardware you have two options:

  • Have your equipment shipped to you so that you can resell it on your own.  The only fee is the cost of shipping to your address. For US customers the estimated fee is $50-$75 per rig. Costs vary by shipping method and location.
  • Pay us 20% fee to resell your equipment for you.  This fee comes from the gross total sale price.  This is to cover our costs in selling your equipment on the 3rd party markets like eBay and Amazon. 6-8% of that will go to the fees those services charge us. 2.9% goes to Paypal or merchant provider for their fee. The remainder covers our time to help take photos, package products, and manage the sale for you.


Create a support ticket to request a refund.