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Today we have a few updates from CryptoGulch.
I recently did a video discussing the new ASIC miners coming out and why I think GPUs still have an important place in mining. (Several coins are going to try to prevent ASICs and focus on being GPU mineable.)
In the past 2 weeks we’ve been able to power on another 25 rigs!  This is really important as we had a few large orders that were waiting for a long time. (You can see some of them in the attached photo.)
We turned on the new small facility to support those rigs. It has a new design that should make cooling the rigs more efficient.
As far as existing backorders… We’re continuing to move forward on the BIG power upgrade. We’re in a bit of a waiting game at the moment as we try to coordinate contractors, electricians, and the utility company.  As soon as we have more details we’ll let you know. This power upgrade will allow us to add rigs much faster than we have been. It should allow us to power on 1000 rigs!
We’ve also had some challenges this week. The heat in Texas has been pretty high and we found that we had some cooling issues in the main warehouse. Basically the exhaust fans weren’t working optimally and we had to take everything offline for a few hours on Thursday so we could do maintenance. Now that the fans are fixed rigs should run significantly cooler.
Next week we’ll be making some more announcements.  Stay tuned!
Hope you’re having a great weekend…. and if you’re a soccer fan like me… Which team are you rooting for in the World Cup?
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