There are many reasons to consider when buying or leasing mining equipment.  We feel buying is better than leasing for multiple reasons:

  • You may be able to write off and depreciate the equipment on your taxes as an asset.
  • If everything fails you still have equipment that has resale value. (Less risk than a lease because you own the equipment.)
  • Residual income with no recurring expense.
  • We host the equipment and do the mining for you for a small monthly hosting fee subtracted from the amount of coin we earn each month.  You don’t have to worry about making monthly payments. We simply mine part-time for ourselves to cover our hosting fee. The rest of the time we mine we deposit those funds directly to your wallet address. 
  • We help you setup your Bitcoin & Ethereum wallet addresses.
  • We use our resources to help procure hard to find mining equipment. (Mining gear is selling out quickly and there are limits on how you much you can purchase.)
  • We use our expertise to save you the expensive learning curve (time to learn.)
  • We use our expertise to help you understand the right coins to mine, software to use, configure your equipment, etc.
  • It’s your GPU We can ship you your equipment at any time. (Just pay shipping and a small fee for our time to breakdown the equipment and box it up in the original boxes.)
  • We can help you sell your used GPUs to our other customers.